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is a melodic post-hardcore band currently signed to Tooth & Nail Records. They have performed at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois, and they have perfomed on the Warped Tour lineup. They were also featured at Spirit West Coast's "Rock the Park" festival in Chino, California.

Begun in South Carolina, Emery was formed when the six recent college graduates decided to pursue music full-time. Upon making their decision, they also uprooted to move across country to Seattle in search of a more diverse music scene. “We actually left for Seattle at 7:30am on September 11, 2001,” recounts Studley, “We didn’t hear about the attacks (on the World Trade Center) until we were in North Carolina. We stopped to get some food and the waitress, who was somehow misinformed, told us that tourists were attacking New York. We later found out that she meant terrorists. It was an intense day to move across the country.” The intensities become more positive as time passed and the band settled to find their niche in the Seattle music scene. In a matter of months they had won over the staff of Seattle-based Tooth & Nail Records, signed a deal, and recorded their upcoming album entitled, “The Weak's End” at Black Lodge Studio in Eudora, Kansas with producer Ed Rose. The songs, carrying a perfect blend of all the depth of hardcore stylings layered with delicate melodies and often times fragile vocal overtones, are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

Their second release, Titles "The Question" (August 2, 2005 - Tooth and Nail Records) deals with a more meaningful and oftentimes less screaming hardcore style, while maintaining a rough sorrowed sound. For "The Question", Emery uses the first track as a catapult to an entire story. The "question" that the album is really asking is "Where were you when I was..." and the rest of the question is brought out amongst the titles of the tracks, i.e: Where were you when I was.... 'So cold I could see my breath', 'The Weakest', 'In a Lose, Lose Situation.' As the artwork states, "The Question" is handed from person to person, each question dealing with a different problem for different people. Emery takes all of the problems from the world, throws them together, and explains them all in a 12-track story. The band says what people desperately need to hear.


Toby Morelle: lead vocals, guitar
Matt Carter: guitar, aggressive vocals
Josh Head: keyboard, aggressive vocals
Joel Green: bass
Dave Powell: drums
Devin Shelton: guitar, lead vocals

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